Anyone who knows even a little bit about Star Wars knows that Return of the Jedi was a resounding rejection of the evil Sith, an oppressive regime and the Dark Side of the force.

ObamaDevilHistoryChannelSo it goes with North Carolina.

The Jedi have returned.

Tyranny and Imperial blackmail are being rejected.

This is the most breathtaking Federal overreach in this author’s memory; The forcing of our children to use restrooms and locker rooms alongside the opposite sex by blackmailing a state’s federal education funding.

It’s important for people to know, North Carolina’s education funding is mainly in state dollars. In fact, we rank 7th in the nation for state dollars spent on education.

What North Carolina procured from the Fed in K-12 Title IX dollars was around $861 million last year. In comparison, the NC University system garnered around $1.4 billion in Title IX funds.

What was spent procuring those dollars should…

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