Really good post on the fall of Glenn Beck. Definitely worth checking out and forwarding to those die-hard Cruz supporters.

The Radio Patriot

About Glenn Beck…

Dave Perkins (my friend and Better Angel on my Shoulder) encouraged me to listen to Glenn Beck explain why the Daily Caller article I posted on my Facebook page is not accurate.

So I listened to Glenn’s segment in which he tells what the real story is. And he is heartfelt. And it reminded me again of why I have been so devoted to Glenn Beck in the past. I have a long history with him, beginning with my post 9/11 days as a talk radio host at WMMB-AM, in Melbourne, Fl.

The Program Director approached me one day and asked me to listen to a demo tape of some guy named “Glenn Beck” who he was considering adding to our programming line-up. He wanted my opinion of Beck and his show.

I listened. And I loved it. The PD also liked Beck and was willing to…

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