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EAG News by Victor Skinner

Gender confusion

OCALA, Fla. – A Florida school district is protecting the privacy rights of its students by requiring that transgender students use the bathroom that correlates to their biological sex. A new transgender policy under review by the Marion County School Board would restrict transgender students to school restroom facilities based on their biological gender, rather than “gender identity,” and would go into effect on Wednesday if officially approved at Tuesday’s meeting, the Ocala Star Banner reports.

The resolution, discussed by board members Thursday, states that transgender students are “not a protected class under federal or state law or under Marion County Public School policy,” according to the news site.

“Male and female users of MCPS single-sex facilities reasonably expect not to be exposed to persons of the opposite sex while using those facilities.”

The issue surfaced after a Vanguard High School teacher alerted principal John Kerley to a transgender, biologically female student who was using the boy’s restroom[…]

The LBGT Gestapo is stepping up their game as they demand the rights “not to be exposed to persons of the opposite sex while using the restrooms or dressing rooms. What idiots did not see this coming and what about rights of those they are trampling on.

Infringing upon the liberties, mind you, of those who do not want to share these facilities with transgender is b.s. and the twisting of these laws back and forth is no doubt intentional to create confusion.