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BEFUNKY screenshot la raza raises mexican flag in california park 2

Published on YouTube April 25, 2016 by SONSanDiego

At Chicano Park Day flags are raised for the mestizo race (La Raza) and for Aztlán, the part of the U.S. claimed for the Chicano (Mexican) people. Chicano-ism is a neo-Aztec, pagan, Mexican nationalist, brown-supremacist movement. It is a cultic mixture of Marxism and ethnic nationalism. Chicano Park is on State land, maintained by San Diego. The subversive, anti-American murals are mostly funded by state and federal grants. The state and federal governments provided $1.6 million to renovate the murals in 2011, just before the last presidential election. Chicano Park Day is the annual celebration of the liberation of Chicano Park from American imperialism on April 20th or the nearest Saturday.


Point MARCH these Marxists and their damned children (what?) to ACROSS the border.  H/t Bob Trent.