Can’t help but chuckle every time I hear this. I am not a basketball fan since the Knicks wore me out decades ago with their losses. Still, even I know that a basketball HOOP is just that.
Unfortunately, for Ted Cruz, this ranks up there with Rick Perry’s infamous slip ups back in 2011 that cost the Texas governor big time. (Just saying.)

Timothy Pate

April 26 was rough for Ted Cruz. First, his bungling attempt at an alliance with opponent John Kasich failed to net either of them a win in “Super Tuesday 4,” when Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island were up for grabs. Instead, Donald Trump delivered crushing blows in each of the five states.

And now this. At his speech in Indiana last night, Cruz called a hoop a “basketball ring.”

I’d give the benefit of the doubt to almost anyone else. These candidates have been campaigning like crazy — I’m sure they’re deliriously exhausted.

But this is Ted Cruz. Right wing extremist, carpet-bomb-ISIS-until-the-sand-glows, Ted Cruz. Release the Internet trolls.

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