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Washington Free Beacon by David Ruttz

Hillary Clinton amusingly accused fellow wealthy politician Donald Trump of living in a “bubble” during an interview that aired Sunday on Univision. The Spanish-language channel’s host asked the Democratic frontrunner if Trump scared her at all, according to the English translation. “Not at all,” Clinton said. “He’s somebody who lives in a very protected environment. I don’t think he knows that many people outside that bubble … But it is very dangerous, and I […]

BE FUNKY Hillary Clinton Bobblehead 347


Bobble head, Hillary Clinton who is not a New Yorker but is crooked, delusional, lying and playing the income inequality card when she accuses Donald Trump, a true blue New Yorker of living in a bubble because he is rich and travels around in a private airplane, helicopter, etc.

It is not unusual for New Yorkers of various financial means to have lunch across or near a table from each other, take the elevator together, purchase coffee and donuts in the same coffee shop, a hot dog from the same street vendor or shop elbow to elbow with fellow New Yorkers regardless of one’s circumstance or means, something of which Hillary Clinton is unfamiliar.

Hillary Clinton knows nothing of this world because of the bubble in which she has lived for several decades. Furthermore, neither Hillary, Bill nor Chelsea Clinton can relate to any of the above unless it came about by way of staged photo ops that included ONLY Clinton shills.

Even more ridiculous was the sight of Clinton’s supporters in the background hanging on to her every word as if what she was saying was the be all to end all. THINK PEOPLE, THINK starting with the corruption and connections.

As reported by CNBC Money via Fox News, Clinton also demanded white glove treatment for her speeches, traveling and staff.

According to a memo obtained from the Harry Walker Agency, in addition to her speaking fees, Clinton insisted that she travel on:

“a Gulfstream 450 or larger. Her staff requires first class and business class tickets. And two members of her staff require up to three days on site to prepare, with all local transportation and meals included.

The memo states Clinton should be booked into a presidential suite with up to three separate rooms attached.

Clinton also requires a flat fee of $1,000 to pay for an onsite stenographer to record everything she says. However, Clinton is not required to provide the host with a copy, according to the memo….”

Finally, taking a page from Barack Obama’s playbook, Clinton controlled the message by limits the number of photographs and insists that cellphones are OFF.