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Published on Apr 25, 2016

Former Black Panther Clarence Mason Weaver told Fox Business News’ Trish Regan that Democrats are best at managing groups of people.

Clarence Mason Weaver:
“Well, Democrats would starve to death if they didn’t blame folks that had victims. Democrats are the party of groups. They got white people and black people. Gay people and straight people. They have rich people and poor people. They’re the party of groups. They used to have slaves, field slaves and house slaves. They’re the party of slavery. So they manage groups. Republicans, we’re the party of ideas. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Are you for high taxes or low taxes? We don’t care about your color, your gender. We care about the issues. So, we’re the party of the issues. Democrats have to have a problem. They have to have misery and scared people. They must never have victory. Victory is negative to a Democrat. They have nothing to do but manage misery.”


Notice that of every group under the Progressive wing, all are victims of some sort. The success and power of Progressives is to ensure that the victim mentality continues to exist. Without victimhood, Progressives would be powerless and out of business.