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Donald Trump has been accused of “whining” about losing to Ted Cruz in Colorado. He’s is right when he says he was robbed of Colorado and it was deliberate on the part of the Colorado GOP.

The Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House made some very interesting comments back on August 11th at the Pueblo County Republican meeting.

About Donald Trump, he said:

“Do I think he’s going to be the nominee? Absolutely not.”

“Do you know who he’s taking away votes from? Ted Cruz. Right, Ted Cruz, right? Which is so hard to believe.”

“I think what happens to Donald Trump—with all due respect to a man who has made billions of dollars and had companies go bankrupt and recovered—is he’s going to get bored. He’s going to get bored. He’s going to get tired of the continuous questioneering and badgering.”

“I’m really looking forward to having Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina on the same stage. Because I think she will make him look bad. I really, really do.”

This is the audio:

This was days after the Colorado GOP decided to eliminate the straw poll.

The suggestion is Mr. House and the GOP committee wanted to make sure Trump couldn’t win […]

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Those accusing Donald Trump of whining are employing Alinskyite tactics in the hopes of silencing the lead candidate.

Reality check:  It is not whining when you are telling the truth!!!!