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screenshot hill clinton booed when mentioning barack obama brooklyn debate



Kind of odd isn’t it that Hillary Clinton plans on riding the wave of Barack Obama’s accomplishments or failings depending on where one sits on the matter all the way to the White House.

Clinton as in past debates mentioned Obama’s name on several issues. Last night Clinton was booed when invoking Obama’s acceptance of Wall Street donations, her response of which was to admonish the audience.

Washington Free Beacon by Alyssa Cannobbio

“Well make no mistake about it, this is not just an attack on me, but an attack on President Obama,” Clinton said. “President Obama had a super PAC when he ran. President Obama took tens of millions of dollars from contributors and President Obama was not at all influenced when he made the decision to pass and sign Dodd-Frank, the toughest regulations on Wall Street in many a year.”

The crowd booed when Clinton invoked Obama’s name.

Clinton called the attack on her connections to Wall Street a phony attack and said that there was a lack of evidence to attack her[…]

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the second coming of Barack Obama.

While insisting like Obama that she has been transparent (not in both cases), Clinton has yet to release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

Below is an excerpt of an interview from earlier this week with Philly.com:

Question: … I’m wondering how you are reassuring people that there is no linkage between those speeches and how you would perform as president, and to also ask why you have not been more forthcoming about the content of the speeches you made to some of these Wall Street groups.

Answer: This originally began in the campaign with people asking, “If you take donations from Wall Street, how can you be independent?” And, you know, I’ve been very clear when I was a senator from New York. I was outspoken about Wall Street behavior. I fought for ending advantageous loopholes. I was, I think, one of the very few in Congress at the time who warned at the timeabout what risks were being taken with mortgages, and if the standard is whether you can govern independently if you’ve ever taken any contributions or money from Wall Street, then President Obama is someone who took more contributions in 2008 than I think had ever been given to a Democrat. And he signed the Dodd-Frank bill, which is stronger than any previous legislation. ….


Q: Did you ever feel when you were offered such large sums for a speech that it might come back to haunt you later because of accusations such as those being made now?

A: Well I have to say; I have a public record. I am not someone who is quiet about these issues.. . .I spoke to a wide group of businesses and groups when I was on the speaking circuit, and I have been remarkably more open than anyone else. You can go back and see I’ve got 30 years of tax returns [unintelligible]. …

Oh good grief. If you are wondering where you have heard this before, the last time was the CNN Debate in Brooklyn, New York last night “verbatim.”

Transparent: NOPE! Hogwash: YOUBETCHA!

I cannot get Bernie Sanders’ voice out of my head, “Again, Secretary Clinton did not answer the question.”