Titanic Brass

There may be depths to which Tricky Ted won’t sink to but they have yet to be discovered. With the wind in his sails and setting a course for this summer’s brokered convention the establishment sock puppet is now resorting to using liberal lies to smear front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz has proven how adept that he is at the art of distraction and just when attention begins to be paid to the down and dirty win in a Colorado caucus system where the party bosses rigged the game against Trump – Michael Savage has called for Cruz to renounce the scam – he slithers into bashing the Donald over inciting violence.

Breitbart News reports that “Cruz: Trump Campaign Has ‘Consistent Pattern of Inciting Violence,’ ‘Like Democratic Union Thugs’”:

Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz declared that fellow candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has a “consistent pattern of inciting…

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