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bill clinton heckled by black lives matter activists screenshot

Bill Clinton speaking at a rally on his wife’s behalf yesterday in Philadelphia ended up in a heated exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters who heckled the former president about his criminal justice reform bill.

Depending on whom one asks, Clinton’s bill began the mass incarceration of Blacks, many of whom were gang bangers, big time crack dealers and/or on their third strike with the law.

Twenty years after supporting her husband’s crime bill, both Hillary and Bill (well not so much the latter) are attempting to walk back the intended consequences and success of Bill’s legislation.

Fox News

Former President Bill Clinton was involved in a heated exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters Thursday at a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia, where he was forced to defend his record as president and his wife’s past statements.

For almost 15 minutes Clinton sparred with protesters who objected to the 1994 criminal justice reform bill he signed into law as president that increased prison sentences for a number of gang-related offenses. Black Lives Matter activists claim the bill disproportionately hurt African-Americans.

A visibly agitated Clinton told the protesters that the bill helped crack down on gangs who were killing African-American children….


It is true that many of those arrested under Clinton’s crime bill received long prison sentences for small amounts of drugs in their possession at the time of arrest or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, i.e., during a drug sweep.

However, discrediting their side of the debate is Black Lives Matter willingness to overlook the fact that a countless number of those imprisoned are directly responsible for turning the streets across the United States, not just in urban communities turned crimson red with the blood of fellow Blacks, whites, the young and the old.


The slaughter by many still imprisoned were innocent prey of cold-hearted killers who ruled communities across America striking fear into the hearts of their neighbors 24/7with an Uzi in one hand and a machete in the other.

At the same time, crack dealers victimized 10 and 11 year old children by addicting them to crack.  Once addicted, the children became slaves, prostitutes and hit men. Without conscience, these psychopaths brutally raped and sodomized children and babies presented to them by crack-addicted mothers.

While such scumbags do not deserve to their freedom, it is not a discussion that Black Lives Matter is willing to have.

Finally, none of the above constitutes support for Hillary Clinton.  The ugly truth is that Clinton through his crime bill provided ample prison labor courtesy of his crime bill for those manufacturers who entered into contracts with the government, i.e., those who closed their factories and warehouses and released thousands of workers in exchange for a cheaper workforce.