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This educator, correction indoctrinator gives the teaching profession a bad name.  Social justice warriors have no place in the classroom.

EAG News by Victor Skinner


CHICAGO – A recent video from the Chicago Teachers Union’s strike on April 1st may have some parents concerned about what their children are learning in school.

A YouTube video of the rally posted yesterday shows a black woman under a huge banner that reads “Strike Justice, Fight For Funding” as she rails against police and champions the Black Lives Matter mantra.

“I am proud to be a black woman, because we are magic,” announced the woman, who was identified only as a CPS teacher. “Nothing has ever happened or will ever will happen without us. Period.

“I am so in love with my friends and the young black people and allies who are showing up and pouring their blood, their sweat, and their tears into the streets every day and shutting shit down and winning. I am inspired by my 13-year-old students who are half my age and already understand that black lives matter is not a slogan, it is a demand,” she said, building the hysteria […]