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Mother Mary Statue Beheaded 1 - Boston MA. (resized)

So, while the pope is busy casting G-d’s pearls before the swine, these muzswine are out beheading statues of the Virgin Mary.

by, Casey Harper | The Daily Caller | h/t Creeping Sharia

Massachusetts Catholic churches have suffered an outbreak of vandalism, and evidence suggests the vandals could be religiously-motivated Muslims.

Burlington Police Tuesday found three statues had been vandalized at St. Margaret Parish, The Boston Globe reports.

“Two statues, which sit at the top of a hill on the property, had their hands severed and multiple sets of rosary beads removed and scattered on the ground,” Burlington Police said in a statement.

“The third statue, located near the rectory and depicting the Virgin Mary, had its head severed and both hands removed.”

The discovery comes just days after vandals spray-painted a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Norwood on Good Friday, the sacred…

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