I have no idea where or when this video first surfaced but it is a horrible foretelling of what is to come and a stern warning to all of the politically correct fiends and cry babies out there heralding the virtues of Islam.  It is a warning of what America may soon be in for if we do not shudder our borders and put these Islamic savages in check sooner rather than later!  (That is not to say that it is not already happening here.  You know with political correctness loons and government run media controlling the message.)

In the video below, an innocent woman is set upon and brutally attacked without mercy by remorseless Muslim barbarians who would bludgeon someone to death if their sisters, mothers or daughters were assaulted in this manner.

Correction: My bad, the barbarians in the video would never hesitate to do the same to their sisters, mothers and daughters.

Warning: Graphic and extremely violent.