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Photos by Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc)

Photos by Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc)

Ned Ryun of American Majority, a Conservative organization confirmed what most of us already suspected regarding the Republican Party leadership plans to deny Donald Trump and Ted Cruz the GOP nomination.

While Trump, Cruz and their supporters are distracted with scandals obviously drummed up by the GOPe, a ground game that would supersede the will of the voters enabling a candidate of the Republican Party’s leadership to become nominee at the 2016 GOP Convention this summer in Cleveland, Ohio is being put into play.

Breitbart News by John Hayward

Just days before a crucial primary in Wisconsin, Cruz is leading that swing state according to most polls. Ryun agreed with that consensus, handicapping the race at 36 delegates for Cruz to 6 for Trump. Such an outcome would bring the race one step closer to a brokered convention… at which the Republican Establishment may very well attempt to steal the nomination from both Trump and Cruz, giving it to an Establishment pick who never competed in a single state primary[…]

GOP moving pieces on a chessboard

Such a ground game, starting with the so-called firewall in Wisconsin, would keep the GOP nomination out of the reach of both Trump and Cruz.

…“Quite frankly, I think they’ve got a plan that if nobody has the magic number come convention, that they’re going to put in place a plan that makes sure the Establishment wins in the end.”

“Some of my sources have told me about meetings that have taken place in the last few weeks, that there are serious conversations and plans to work some things on the convention floor,” he added.

Given the machinations of that not-so-secret conspiracy, it might have made sense for the two outsider candidates to join forces against in an “anti-Establishment ticket,” which would certainly have more than enough combined delegates to take the nomination…

Ryun further states to Breitbart that as it stand now, it is virtually impossible for Ted Cruz to meet the threshold of 1,237 delegates.  Moreover, should Cruz who is in bed with the establishment stay the course with the vitriolic attacks against Trump, he will take Trump down with him playing into the Republican Party leadership’s hand.

Somehow, I believe at this point, that is exactly what Ted Cruz is planning even though it is clear that once the GOP establishment who despises Cruz more than they despise Trump sees blood in the water that they will move in to finish Cruz off, once and for all. That is exactly what the Republican Party leadership is planning.