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Arra News Service by Nelson Hultberg

Donald Trump Make America Great Again 2

The enemies of freedom today saturate our culture like lunacy pervades an asylum. We as Americans suffer inexcusable tax tyranny and relentless Federal Reserve inflation of our currency. Our schools disguise socialism as Americanism to our children. Our pundits succumb to the evil of moral relativism in effusive editorials.

Our spineless politicians capitulate at every opportunity to Washington’s march toward World Government instead of doing their honorable duty, which is to defend the Constitution, defend the Founders, defend American sovereignty.

It is into this cauldron of tyrannical decadence that Donald Trump has leaped. Why? Because he is possessed of that defining element so desperately needed in our leftist dominated world collapsing all around us – genuine patriotism. And he is distraught with the collapse that is taking place.

Yes, Trump is bombastic and sometimes crude. He succumbs to sleaze and abusive campaign tactics as his brouhahas with Ted Cruz demonstrate. But if this bothers the squeamish of souls, they should read a history of political campaigns in the early days of America. Our past history of politics has been equally as scurrilous and sleazy, if not more so. This attitutde is built into the political animal. Politics is a blood sport, not meant for milksops and sissies[…]