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When a Black student confronts, verbally and physically assaults a Caucasian student over his dreadlocks therein lies the proof that this whole micro-aggression and social construct crap has gone off the rails.

Case in a point, a Black female student at San Francisco State University confronts a fellow student donning dreadlocks who because he is not Black has been accused of a “`cultural appropriation’ suggested by his hairstyle.”

Washington Free Beacon by Morgan Chalfant

San Francisco State University Investigating ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Incident Captured on Video

A spokesman for the university said that school police were called to the scene of the incident, which was captured on video Monday afternoon. A black female student was seen verbally assaulting and grabbing a while male peer on campus in a disagreement over his dreadlocks hairstyle, the video posted to YouTube showed.

While the female individual was said to be a campus employee, the school disputed the report, saying that neither individual is employed by the university. Jonathan Morales, a spokesman for the university, confirmed that both individuals are students. The students have not been identified.

“We are aware of the video made of an incident which occurred on campus yesterday afternoon […]


The University insists that the individuals involved in the above incident are students not San Francisco State University employees.

What if the female is not really a student but an employee (or both) of San Francisco State University patrolling the educational institution in search of microaggressions or “cultural MISappropriations?” Just wondering.

Finally, Miss Chickie should be brought up on assault charges.  That is the real offense here.