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GOP moving pieces on a chessboard

Stop and turn your attention to the Republican Party establishment who

  • Pushed a Ted Cruz sex scandal (who cares if its’ true or false, just push it)
  • Blame Donald Trump for the sex scandal; and
  • Created a wives’ war between the candidates.

Endgame:  To ensure that neither Ted Cruz or Donald Trump reaches 1237 delegates by the 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

Unleash the smears on social media, then let social media do the rest.

Gawker by Gabrielle Bluestone

This week, the National Enquirer published a story claiming Ted Cruz may have been involved in as many as five extramarital affairs. But the general allegations are nothing new. People have been talking publicly about, well, something involving Cruz for weeks….

On Twitter, conservatives have been discussing the scandal, in vague (and sometimes less-vague) terms since March, using the hashtag #thething, which seems to have originated, or at least gained popularity, around March 11, with the Stop Trump Super PAC twitter account and GOP strategist Rick Wilson. (Given that many tweets on the subject have since been deleted, it’s difficult to track down the actual origin of the term.)

Those tweets, at least initially, suggested the existence of some sort of video….




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The Progressive establishment of both parties are having a ball watching the supporters of both candidates implode and rip each other apart while Ted Cruz and Donald Trump do likewise. Deny them.

swamp of alligators

Rick Wilson wrote an op-ed in the Daily Beast this past January in which he said of Ted Cruz:

“His smug Poindexter affect, his smarm, sanctimony, and general derpiness all grate on me. There’s no doubt he’s smart, but while smart is necessary, it’s not necessarily sufficient.

That said, I’d rather Ted Cruz serve as leader of the free world for eight years than have Donald Trump in that role for eight minutes. Yet the inevitable, bloody conflict between Cruz and Trump that broke to the surface after the last Republican debate raises real questions about Cruz’s political judgment that Republican voters need to examine….”

Translation: Ted Cruz will be used as the lynch pin to stop Donald Trump from advancing after which Wilson will his sights on Cruz.

…In August of last year, I described Cruz’s behavior toward Trump as “feeding the alligator in hopes that it eats him last.” As painful as it is for his fans to admit it, there’s only one person to blame for the situation in which Cruz now finds himself and that’s Ted Cruz….

If successful, Cruz will receive his comeuppance courtesy of the alligators planning to eat him last.

…As much as Cruz touches conservative hot buttons, his record of not reading the political landscape properly and his inability to correctly identify risks should make anyone pause when considering a contest against Hillary Clinton….

It appears that the GOP establishment if successful, plans on savoring the moment.

Moving on…

Fanning the flames are the likes of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Amanda Carpenter, Ben Shapiro among other self-anointed voices who have for years mouthed off against the GOP establishment yet under the cover of darkness bedded down with one and the same to beat some sense into the heads of voters refusing to follow the lead of the self-anointed and because they (the self-anointed) know better. Funny how the voters always had a choice until now, so say the establishment and their trusty sidekicks. Deny them.

Did this alleged sex scandal not reek of the establishment’s handiwork? Did the image posted online of Melania Trump which was made to appear as the lynch pin to getting the ball rolling not reek of the establishment’s handiwork?

Do people realize that the establishment of both parties are huddled in the backrooms of D.C. enjoying a good laugh as they mock the gullible, the little people, the peons?

Regardless of which candidate one prefers, please stop permitting the Establishment to move us about like pieces on a chessboard enabling them to come that much closer to their endgame and to say to themselves, “See, I told you. Stupid American voters. Every one.” DENY THEM. After all, this about we, the People, our children, our children’s future and country not the paychecks, bonuses, open doors for and feather in the caps of the establishment.