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Townhall by Larry Elder

Hillary Clinton on a campaign stop.

In a recent interview with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “I would just ask, as a fellow American, if you could consider whether or not dialing down the temperature — trying to bring down the temperature — might be a healthier thing both for your campaign and for the nation at large.” And PBS’ Tavis Smiley — who once said Ronald Reagan “tortured” blacks — calls Trump a “religious and racial arsonist.”

If only Tapper and Smiley would urge liberals and Democrats to adhere to the same level of civility and probity they demand of Trump. For example:

Vice President Joe Biden, during a 2012 campaign speech, told a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia, that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was “going to put y’all back in chains.”

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in 2011, said Republicans “want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.” She further compared the push for voter ID to the imposition of a poll tax, a notorious relic of the Jim Crow South…..


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The relentless attacks against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz by the mainstream media, GOP establishment and its hitmen blaming the candidates for the tone of the election is an affront to every American especially in light of the fact that it is those with a nefarious agenda to achieve an endgame beneficial to themselves who are dredging up/concocting scandals, lying, inciting chaos and race baiting from behind the scenes.


The chaos is at a point where Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are slinging mud at each other and everyone (including all of the above) then take to twitter thereby lighting countless bon fires across social media.

Of course, once that fire is red hot and blazing, the propagandists and collaborators mainstream media provides an outlet and audience to Marxist bureaucrats and their race baiting brown-shirts who have for decades spun their ridiculous Marxist propaganda and vitriol against anyone who does not share their ideology to attack and ridicule Conservatives as having suddenly become unhinged.

Again, the Republican Party establishment intends to use all of the above to contest the legitimacy of a Cruz or Trump presidency this summer at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio thereby contending that they know better than the voters and thus, it is therefore up to those at the Convention to choose a presidential nominee that the GOPe deems worthy.

Finally, there are those pundits (we know who they are) who when it’s all said and done will blame either candidate for screwing this up while ignoring the fact that they colluded with the Republican Party leadership to bring about such an endgame.

Of course, none will own up to their role in this nasty game of bait and switch, they will merely remind those who refused to go along that “I tried to warn you…” “I told you, yada, yada yada….” all to justify their being able to sleep at night the check that’s clearing in their accounts.