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Politico by Nick Gass



Sean Hannity and Jorge Ramos clashed early and often in a contentious interview on the Fox News personality’s program Wednesday evening over — who else? — Donald Trump.

Hannity opened the two-part segment by referring to Ramos’ accusations of racism against Trump as “offensive,” blasting him for being “fundamentally unfair” for taking Trump’s quotes about undocumented immigrants out of context.

“I’m simply reporting what Donald Trump has been saying,” said Ramos, who one week earlier similarly butted heads with Bill O’Reilly on his show.

“That’s not true!” Hannity replied.

Ramos then referred to Trump’s comments last June that Mexican immigrants are drug traffickers, criminals and rapists, saying, “he’s absolutely wrong.” Hannity took issue with that characterization, remarking that Trump had indeed referred to only some of the immigrants…

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Jorge Ramos is a dirt bag.