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Wake up America.  Demand that John Kasich go away.  He stands no chance and his only purpose is to create chaos.

ALIPAC.us by William Gheen

John Kasich brokered convention


John Kasich is a spoiler candidate! John Kasich has made it clear that his only reason for being in the race is to force Donald Trump into a convention vote where GOP party rule makers and insiders can retake control for the DC establishment. Yet, Kasich deceitfully looks at the camera and speaks as if he is a legitimate candidate when he has no chance of winning the required popular or electoral votes needed to be the nominee. John Kasich is clearly a servant of the DC establishment which GOP voters are fighting hard to defeat due to the wreck and ruin they have brought upon America.

John Kasich voted for the Amnesty under Reagan when he was a member of Congress in 1986! (click to view video) This amnesty vote is responsible for the 12-20 million illegals currently in America! Should America make the same mistake twice, history tells us we can expect more than 40 million new illegals by the year 2040.

John Kasich supports a new mass amnesty for illegal aliens! While he will claim “they won’t get citizenship,” most of us are aware that the promise to legalize illegals without citizenship is a ruse many Republicans are using. They know full well that it will only take one activist judge to turn 20 million illegals into US voters who will dominate US elections forevermore. Kasich is trying to calm the fears of conservatives with a promise illegals won’t get voting rights, but any change in our current protective laws to accommodate millions of illegals is amnesty and once Congress creates new laws that establish “second class citizenship,” the courts will shoot that down and they know this! John Kasich basically supports a Marco Rubio Gang of Eight style amnesty bill and has vowed to pass an immigration reform amnesty bill within his first 100 days as President! Kasich almost lost his home state of Ohio to Trump after a video of him promising Amnesty for illegals on Fox News went viral on the web! (click to view)

John Kasich supported NAFTA! When John Kasich was still in Congress in 1993, he supported and voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)….

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