This might be a stretch for some but for a moment, one moment, imagine Peter Cottontail, correction the Easter Bunny involved in a bunny brawl. Priceless! Correction, sad and pathetic.

The Daily Sheeple by Piper McGowin

bunny brawl

Talk about sheeple… This is just sad.

So sad, in fact, that CBS New York couldn’t help but report on it using a lame pun:

What should have been a cute photo-op for children ended up going straight down one awful rabbit hole of unhinged violence, when a disagreement erupted between the parent and the Easter bunny.

A child may have slipped from a chair after having her picture taken with the costumed character.

“That’s an Easter Bunny and it’s supposed to be like a fun family thing – and it just wasn’t,” Torrez said.

Punch line? Police said the guy dressed as a bunny had an outstanding warrant…

For fare hopping.

(Bah dum tiss!)

Permission to republish granted by The Daily Sheeple.

What do I think? I think that the Easter Bunny is unemployed.

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