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How about that? Progressive and politically correct Twitter accused of censoring users calling out Islam for its jihad against the West.

BEFUNKY twitter bird nasa dot gov hashtag stop islam CENSORED CROPPED

Breitbart News by Charlie Nash

Twitter users are claiming the social media platform censored the #StopIslam hashtag after it began trending in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels earlier today.

Users tweeted with the tag to express their frustration with another terrorist attack as well as the politicians who refuse to link the extremism with Islam, and the hashtag spawned a huge wave of tweets from around the world….

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Supposedly, #STOPISLAM did not begin trending until anti-Christian politically correct loons began complaining about the hashtag on twitter and unleashing aggressive assaults on the authors of #STOPISLAM tweets.

It is at this point supposedly that hashtag #STOPISLAM began trending around the world, depending on whom one asks.

#StopIslam was trending on Twitter after the Brussels attack — but it’s not what it looks like (Business Insider)

In the aftermath of Tuesday morning’s attacks in Belgium, Twitter lit up with a hashtag that deviated from the usual post-tragedy solidarity script: #StopIslam trended worldwide, just below #Brussels and #PrayforBelgium.

As disturbing as this hashtag might appear, however, it’s actually quite the opposite. #StopIslam is only trending now because thousands of people are criticizing it….

…Within minutes, dozens of Spanish users had condemned #StopIslam on the hashtag itself; within the hour, it was trending worldwide.

An analysis of 1,333 global #StopIslam tweets scraped by the Post between 9:20 a.m. and 12:50 p.m. shows that roughly 90 percent were critical of the hashtag. And according to a network analysis tool developed by researchers at North Carolina State University, the single most cogent conversation around the hashtag was surprise and anger that it ever trended….

Not buying it. Sounds like talking points especially in light of the fact that those complaining about the hashtag have nothing to say about the Islamic terrorist attacks, loss of life, injuries and how this day will forever be etched into the souls of today’s victims. NOT A WORD!