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Black on White crime near Prospect Park South

Two weeks ago wearing a bandana of the US flag across his face to seal his identity, Gregory Alfred (photo above), ran up behind 53-year-old Janina Popko who was walking down the street talking on her cellphone and slashed her on her neck.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan came to the woman’s aid by removing her own shirt, placing it on Popko’s neck to stem the bleeding.


Unfortunately, there have been numerous slashings in that area and so it must be a relief to people living in the area around Prospect Park South that Gregory Alfred who committed this act because his victim is white is now in police custody.

Alfred who has a record of violence, i.e.,”20 priors,” of which includes “assaults for punching people.” One certainly gets the impression that Gregory Alfred whose mother reported his whereabouts to the police is definitely not a nice person. Kudos to his mother for doing what she had to do.

Ditmas Park Patch by Simone Wilson

When caught at his mom’s house in New Jersey, Gregory Alfred allegedly admitted to targeting a 53-year-old Ditmas Park woman for her race….Police are now investigating the March 10 neck slashing at the intersection of Beverly and Rugby roads as a hate crime.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said at a Tuesday press conference on the city’s recent stabbing and slashing epidemic that police ID’d their suspect using a fingerprint found on Popko’s purse.

“We got the hit this Saturday,” Boyce said. “We sent a team to his mother’s house in Sayreville, New Jersey.”

Alfred was sleeping at his mom’s house when she contacted police and informed them of his location, according to a spokesman for the Sayreville Police Department. As of Tuesday afternoon, Alfred was still awaiting extradition to New York….

When detectives spoke to Alfred in New Jersey, the police chief said, he told them he bought a package of pairing knives with the intention of using them to stab people in the street….

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Alfred told police that he purchased a set of paring knives so that he could stab people he came across in the street, meaning white people. Why? Because he felt oppressed by Caucasians, who created a system that prevented him from openly smoking weed.

Number one: As of March 1, 2016, there were 763 slashings in New York City, a 20.10% increase from last year. While some attacks may be connected to gang initiations, others are attacks on our seniors by younger thugs, knife attacks against women and piling on Black/White knife attacks. In addition, reminiscent of crime during the Dinkins administration, it is very much open season in NYC on people over 50, 55 and the disabled.

Number two: Less than a week before Alfred slashed Popko, NYPD held a news conference in which they stated that they would no longer arrest people for minor crimes.

As for marijuana, NYPD stopped arresting people (or so they say) for small amounts of pot but since Bill de Blasio insists on fleecing New Yorkers down to the last speck of lint in their pockets, if caught smoking pot, one receives a summons to appear in court.

That is not racist. It is Progressive.

The racist in the room, however, is Gregory Alfred who has only himself to blame for whatever comes next.