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school dean Ian Millman

Ian Millman, (former) Academic Intervention Specialist- World Journalism Preparatory School

A parent’s worst nightmare is the likes of Ian Millman, World Journalism Preparatory School’s “Academic Intervention Specialist,” i.e., dean of discipline.

Millman the 40-year-old married father of three and alleged sexual predator began an affair with a student, a sophomore in 2010, impregnated her and then drove her to/from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Queens and paid for her abortion.

The undisciplined “dean of discipline” first encountered the student after another dean unable to reach the troubled student sought Millman’s assistance informing him that the student “was depressed and not talking to anyone.”

The alleged pervert and child molester after taking the student under his counsel began an affair with his victim after driving her home one evening after a parent/teacher conference.

Soliciting the student daily for sex, no venue, “at school, at his friend’s home, in a motel and at his parents’ house” was off limits. [Shame on the collaborators.]

Millman became such a force in this student’s life that she went to her prom alone out of devotion to this slime ball who promised her that he was going to leave his wife, yada, yada, yada.

After the prom, Millman celebrated by taking the student to his parent’s home for a romp in his old bedroom which apparently was a step up from the backseat of his car.

The sordid affair continued until school officials caught on, two and a half years later, (i.e., 132,000 text messages and countless masturbation videos later) at which point, Mr. Slime ball, under the protection of the United Federation of Teachers was vanquished to the “rubber room” for improper conduct (to put it mildly) with a student. [For the record, Millman shared his videos with other students with whom he crossed the line.]

While in the rubber room, Millman resumed his improper activities, which included sexting, pleasuring himself, videotaping himself and sharing the moments…from the rubber room.

New York Post

As an “​​academic intervention specialist, Millman was assigned to help students who were skipping class or had personal or academic issues. He is also a baseball coach and an associate scout for Major League Baseball.

“I’m the fireman. When the bell rings, I slide down the pole and get into action,” he said of his job in a 2010 interview with a Columbia Journalism School publication….

Millman runs the New York Nine, a baseball-coaching nonprofit.

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After three investigations involving other students, Millman in 2015 paid off a $1000 fine to the Department of Education, quit his job and surrendered his teacher’s license.  While Millman is now considered ineligible for employment with the DOE, no statutory rape or other criminal charges have been filed.  Even more mind-boggling (maybe not), Millman’s character appears to remain intact and in spite of Millman’s predatory activities, which are now on record, the former dean is still looked upon favorably by his peers.

According to Gothamist, Millman is “favorably compared to Hugh Laurie’s character from House.”

… Millman, who had been playing professional baseball before a career-ending shoulder injury in 1998, is also a baseball coach, an associate scout for Major League Baseball (most recently the Atlanta Braves), and the president of non-profit New York Nine, which helps coach student athletes. He was honored by The Children’s Dream Foundation in 2013 for his work there.

In a very gushing 2010 profile of him in a Columbia Journalism School publication that pops up with red flags upon reflection, Millman is lauded for his ability to connect with students while also giving them tough love. “There isn’t a student in this school that won’t spill their guts to him,” Principal Cynthia Schneider told them. “He develops relationships but is a knuckle breaker. The kids don’t know what to do….

Below is an excerpt from a 2010 Columbia Journalism School article, which for some reason remains online in praise of Millman’s dedication to his job entitled, “Dean knuckle-breaker has a heart.”

2011 article lauding school dean Ian Millman


… At World Journalism Prep School—one of the city’s new small schools established in 2006 within Intermediate School 25—his influence is unparalleled when it comes to the rules about safety. At the same time, Millman believes it is important to be more than just an enforcer. He is compassionate and treats all the kids with respect, whether it is the straight-A kid that has never been late for class, or the ones that skip school and get caught smoking in the bathroom.

“He works with kids that other people want to throw their hands up in the air at,” said Schneider, who runs the school of 560 students in grades six through 12.

…Trouble, he said, comes only when students do something they shouldn’t do. And in that case they deserve to be punished….

Interesting enough, there are 258 comments appended to this article, none of which are available for viewing.

You can bet that not one person heralding this pig will allow their daughters within a mile of this Ian Millman, indoctrinator and predator.

… “If you have an overly confident kid that is walking around with slumped shoulders, you know something’s up. Sometimes it is even easier, like when “a kid comes in and punches the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.”

Millman asks what’s up and hopes they open up. They usually do. “It means a lot to them because it shows someone cares about what might be happening in their lives…”

As for New York Nine, their site is down as is their twitter feed.  What could have possibly brought that on?