WND by Cheryl Humley

Barack Obama, Department of Labor, photo courtesy of Flickr

Barack Obama, Department of Labor, photo courtesy of Flickr

A handful of British parliamentarians, one member of the European Parliament, and about 25,000 petition-signing Britons have sent a blunt message President Obama’s way, asking the White House chief to respect the country’s sovereignty and refrain from making diplomatic moves to influence its upcoming vote on whether to withdraw from the European Union.

The British Parliament members hail from different parties – Conservative, Labour and Democratic Unionist – but have all joined together, along with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, to pen a letter to Obama that says, in part” “With so much at stake, it is imperative that the question of existing the European Union is not one answered by foreign politicians or outside interests, but rather by the British people who must ultimately live with change or the status quo,” Breitbart reported….

The letter has been sent to media in the United States, as well as to members of Congress and officials in the White House….

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Noted beneath the petition on the Parliament’s website, “the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament” once the petition entitled, “Prevent Obama From Speaking In Westminster Regarding The In/Out Referendum..” has accrued 100,000 signatures.

Now that the malignant narcissist is on his way out, nations that should have stood up to Barack Obama years ago are finding their voices.