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Derivative.  Original photo courtesy of  John Pemble, Flickr (cc 2.0)

Derivative. Original photo courtesy of John Pemble, Flickr (cc 2.0)

Well not in those words exactly but the inference is quite clear, you know in the now infamous “stupid American voter” kind of way.

CBN News by David Brody

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz tells The Brody File that the reason Donald Trump is performing well in the GOP race for president is because his voters are uninformed and not engaged in the process. “Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters’ get more engaged and they get more informed.” Hunch: I’m thinking Trump and his “Silent Majority” may push back on this just a bit don’t you think? Lots to unpack here but for now, here’s the clip.


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Fellow globalist, Carly Fiorina –


Should we consider this proof of Wall Street and/or D.C. elitists (oh yes, Ted Cruz is exactly that) looking down their noses at we, the people?

In other words, voters who choose Donald Trump over Cruz are only doing so because they are a bunch of dim-witted hicks in the southeast. Why, the southeast? Because Trump does well in the southeast.

Until now, I thought those views were solely owned by the Marxist elites in the northeast. Thanks for setting me straight, Senator Cruz.

Talking points from the Cruz camp is very much in line with talking points from the Progressive establishment of parties, the mainstream media and pundits in that Cruz to achieve his goal has fallen into line.

Besides dripping of derision and condescension for Trump supporters, Cruz is doubling down by twisting Trump’s words.

Trump’s exact words:

Starting at 4:48 of video:

It’s been amazing, the relationship. We won with evangelicals. We won with young, we won with old. We won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. I love poorly educated people. We’re the smartest, most loyal….

That pretty much covers the many hats worn by the people who voted for Trump in Nevada, which is where Trump was going in the above statement.

Shame on Cruz, GOP establishment pundits, mainstream media, etc. for twisting his words.

Below are excerpts of a transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s program on the matter.

Trumpster: Cruz Thinks I’m Dumb (beginning at 64:11 of audio/video):


CALLER: Rush, the reason for my call is I wanted to ask if you saw — it was up on Drudge earlier — where Cruz had referred to Trump supporters, borrowing a term from you, as “low information.”

RUSH: Yes, I saw that.

CALLER: So, as a Trump supporter, just to put it out there, you know, for me at this point, I kind of had two issues watching Cruz. Up until now, I’ve heard him lecture a lot about, you know, what’s a real conservative and what does it mean to be a real conservative, and he lectures there, and I’m looking at, you know, the discharge papers on my wall from the US Army. I’m looking at my time in the private sector. It says, “Hey, I think he knows what it means to be a conservative,” number one, and now he just calls me dumb. So here’s my recommendation to Ted Cruz, and I think he can take a note from a guy like Donald Trump. You want my vote, Ted? Earn it. Trump is out there as a leader earning votes. Cruz is out there trying to make me feel like I do or don’t qualify for his definition of what it means to be a conservative, and, at the same time, stealing a page from your playbook about Democrats calling me, a Republican, dumb. Not the way to earn my vote, Ted….


RUSH: So you’re a Trump supporter, Bill, I’m assuming from what you said?

CALLER: I am, Rush.

RUSH: Right. And you understandably taking offense at that this. The —

CALLER: I don’t take it personally, but I do think it’s insulting to himself if he thinks the way to win the election is to insult right now what is the largest base in the Republican Party.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But I don’t take it personally.

RUSH: It’s every Republican in this race, other than Trump. Every elected Republican, every candidate. A lot of Republicans are stymied. They don’t understand how Trump has done this. They’re not sure just who the Trump voters are. I’ve tried to tell them that, that Trump is reaching a broad-based coalition that includes… Let me tell you who’s in that group. I don’t know if this describes you, but I’m gonna say, folks, there is — and I know this undeniably. There is a significant contingent of people in the Trump camp who have been ticked off since NAFTA, since 1992. …

The last guy that was concerned about it was Buchanan, and here comes Trump. Now, that’s not his base. I mean, it’s not the sole contingent in his support, but it’s a huge number of people. And they’re not ignorant. They are personally affected by what they think the elites have done, and Trump is the only guy talking to them on that issue. But, in addition to that, Bill, Cruz and Rubio and Jeb Bush, they’ve all been trying to figure out how to get Trump supporters to leave him. And nothing they have tried has worked.

They have tried insulting Trump. They have tried frightening Trump’s voters. They have tried telling Trump’s voters that Trump is a fraud, that he’s not a real conservative; that he’s really a Democrat, Hillary donor at heart. They’ve tried everything, and they can’t break the bond no matter what they do. In fact, when Romney comes out and says what he said in that speech last week it drives even more people to Trump, but it solidifies Trump support. The traditional ways of beating a candidate are not applicable here.

So, Senator Cruz comes along and says, “Well, you know, it’s kind of the low-information voters,” and uses Trump’s quote, “I love the poorly educated.” That’s not what Trump meant by that. But what’s going on here, as I have also stated over and over again — and this, Bill, I’m sure does apply to you. For whatever reasons — and they probably differ from person to person, it’s one of the things you can’t name. It’s an intangible. There’s a bond. The Trump supporter has a bond, a connection with Trump, that only Trump can break. Only Trump can violate it. Nobody else created the bond. Therefore, nobody else can defeat it or break it. The media can’t. The media did not make Trump. People are not supporting Trump ’cause the media has sung his praises….


Message to Ted Cruz: Trump voters are adults who do not take lightly to being admonished. Channeling Jonathan Gruber is to your detriment.