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Flickr-Creative Commons

Flickr-Creative Commons

The Hill by Timothy Cama

Obama will host Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Washington next week for an official state visit at a moment when the relationship between the two countries — and that of their leaders — is on the upswing.

Obama and Trudeau quickly struck up a close friendship shortly after Trudeau, the son of popular Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, took office in November following a sweeping win by Canada’s liberal party, an election with numerous parallels to the 2008 election that brought in Obama.

Both leaders took office as popular, young men with something to prove after frequent criticisms for their lack of experience. And they’ve found a lot to like in each other, a relationship that likely gives Obama a younger brother figure who he can help wade through politics.

And while any state visit has an agenda chock full of policy discussions — some more important than others for two countries that are each other’s top trading partners and share the longest border in the world — it’s also a significant step in their budding friendship. …

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Just ducky, they both can go to the mosque together.