How is it that Trump is a threat and Hillary is not?
Finally, out of the closet, Romney’s decision to lambaste Trump instead of Hillary Clinton exposes the GOP establishment’s treachery of its constituency.

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Published on Mar 3, 2016

Report: Conservative leaders push for anti-Trump third party option; Reaction on ‘Outnumbered’

rob pascale 

Does anyone even care what Mitt the Shit thinks or says…He infers there is a bombshell in Trumps tax return, has Mitt actually seen Trumps tax returns, of course not !!!  This fact alone negates anything this lying son of a bitch says about anything. He is obviously a GOP stooge and establishment shill….Let`s not forget Trump just pulled 20,000 Massachusetts Dems to his side!!! The GOP is trashing itself, I wonder why?  I`ll tell you why, both sides of the isle are totally corrupt and they know Trump is going to clean house. Both Dem and Rep! Mitt is proof, the federal government are all shitting their pants…. and Hillary will be indicited. Hillary Clinton staffer Bryan Pagliano was granted immunity today, Hillary`s end begins NOW…..THAT IS WHY MITT IS DOING THIS

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