“Probable cause” “Due process” “Beyond a reasonable doubt” all non-existent in the lexicon of social justice warriors with an axe to grind. Not to mention this year’s election.

Stately McDaniel Manor

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.57.17 PMI have often–so often I’m beginning to sound like an endless digital loop (we older folk used to say “like a broken record”)–noted the bizarre, backward nature of the Freddie Gray prosecutions (the Freddie Gray Archive is here). This Twilight Zone quality exists because of the unprofessional, unethical, entirely politicized, and increasingly desperate attempts of the Baltimore City Prosecutors to convict somebody of something–anything–because Freddie Gray.

It began with probable cause statements devoid of probable cause.  In fact, the PC statements, written by a sheriff’s Major–Sam Cogen–who apparently had no active role in the hasty, secretive investigation conducted by Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, were copied, verbatim, for each of the six officers. They weren’t specific to individual defendants! They weren’t directed to each officer, nor did they provide probable cause to prove the elements of each crime. Major Cogen, according to the Baltimore Sheriff’s website, is an administrator, not…

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