Disgusting and frightening. The German people must take matters into their own hands.

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Watch the video. Germans are living in a country under siege, and just like Der Stürmer, the Merkel-media is selling their ghastly policies as sunshine and roses.

Anyone who fights back against these savages is labeled islamophobic, xenophobic or racist. But the people aren’t having it. They must fight back.

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Seems like the German people have decided to exterminate themselves
Marcelo Uhlig 
This is gonna keep happening because if they start punishing those criminals, it will automatically confirm that the problem is real and Angela Merkel has done the biggest shit in Europe’s history. But she won’t admit that, hence police is not allowed to arrest or punish those migrants and the can will continue to be kicked down the road until it gets lost. Fucking insane!
Germans voted for this. Enjoy…

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