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Daniel Nigro, Commissioner of the New York Fire Department is on the radar for dispatching two crews of firefighters to his home Sunday to shovel out a 3-foot wall of snow in front of his home, i.e., the walkway to the street.

New York Post by Susan Edelman

At least eight firefighters made the run to Nigro’s private Whitestone residence at 8:49 a.m. Sunday and when they got there, he instructed them to shovel a 3-foot wall of snow between his walkway and the street, sources said.

During that time, the units from Engine Company 320 and Ladder Company 167 could not be dispatched on any emergency calls the morning after Winter Storm Jonas had dumped two feet of snow on the area, the sources added.

“If there was a fire around the corner from his house, those two companies couldn’t be assigned,” one source said […]


Nigro who earns a yearly salary of $208,786 became livid after learning that the call was entered into the FDNY system: “ASSIST COMM NIGRO W/ SNOW REMOVAL….ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIGNMENT” which meant that in the event of an emergency, the two fire crews were unavailable.

As for the Commissioner’s neighbors and the rest of the City, we are on our own, struggling to either dig ourselves out or wait for the Department of Sanitation to get around to plowing the streets. And so New Yorker wait and wait and wait…..

Kudos to those New Yorkers who did not wait, who dug themselves out as one is expected to do. After all, it is their vehicle and their responsibility.

Surprisingly or maybe not, Communist Bill de Blasio disapproved of New Yorkers taking matters into their own hands.  How dare we think for ourselves.

New York City side streets are very narrow. Once the snow ends, vehicle owners or neighbors lending a helping hand promptly come out to clean the snow off their vehicles and clear a pathway for vehicles to come in and out only to find hours later (sometimes sooner) after the  snowplow comes through that their vehicles are once again covered and blocked by snow.

Moving on 72 hours after the blizzard and many of the side roads in New York City has not yet been plowed once.

On Monday when outraged New Yorkers brought this failure of service to Commie Bill de Blasio’s attention, the petard blamed New Yorkers, “A snowplow goes through and then people go out and clean their cars off and they literally re-block their own streets ... People are saying, ‘My street’s not cleared.’ They’re not wrong, but unfortunately they may have contributed ... to it inadvertently.”

What a crock, the streets that New Yorkers are complaining about have yet to be plowed; moreover, what about the people who were injured while shoveling or walking over the snow and ice! Is it their fault too?

How about Angel Ginel who died in his car after a snowplow came through his block burying Ginel’s vehicle with him in it beneath the mounds of snow?

It is believed that Ginel was in the process of shoveling the snow from around his vehicle, stepped into his car to warm up.  During that time, a snowplow came through covering the vehicle with snow, blocking Ginel’s exit and the exhaust pipe.

Tragically Ginel died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Moving on yet again, I have lived on a side street nearly four decades and am quite familiar with how the Department of Sanitation works when it comes to plowing snow.

Two blocks up from is a commercial thoroughfare and while the sidewalks are not so great, the streets along that area is plowed several times a day.

On the right of me is a huge six-lane street. The center four lanes which handles commercial traffic is plowed several times a day while the side lanes not so often and the sidewalks are a mess because of lazy homeowners (or tenants in private homes) who have moved in over the decades.

Then there is my block. Untouched.

The City as happened two years ago is under attack for opening the schools Monday before the streets or surrounding areas of the schools were plowed.

De Blasio’s response, “We cannot say in this neighborhood there’s school, in that neighborhood there’s no school. It doesn’t work that way. We made a decision that was in the best interest of the overall city.”













Ah hem. Just checking to see if you’re still awake. Of course, compared to other locations such as Washington, D.C., New York is sitting pretty.

Pay no attention to the dope in the video who within weeks of being sworned in to the mayor’s office killed a groundhog. Excuses, excuses.