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Washington Examiner by T. Becket Adams

Taya Kyle, the widow of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, challenged President Obama Thursday evening on his proposed executive actions on gun violence, suggesting that his approach to the issue is counterproductive.

“I think that by creating new laws, you do give people hope,” she said at a town hall meeting in Fairfax, Virginia. “The thing is: The laws that we create don’t stop these horrific things from happening, and that’s a very tough pill to swallow.”

“We want to think we can make a law and people will[…]

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Barack Obama’s dog and pony shows are a farce. It is a known fact even to Obama who spends his life in a bubble that Americans are not opposed to his executive orders but can see through his lies as proven by CNN’s latest poll, which clearly states that 54% of those polled do not support Obama’s use of executive actions for gun control.


According to CNN, 54 percent of Americans said “no” when asked, “Do you favor or oppose Obama using executive orders to implement [gun controls]?” When asked if they believe Obama’s gun executive gun controls will be effective, 57 percent of Americans said they will not. This is the same assessment the New York Daily News gave of Obama’s executive gun controls when they observed that the key component of the controls was an expansion of the frequency of background checks. The News noted that the 15 most recent “mass killers” in America all passed background checks for their guns, so there is no real reason to believe requiring more background checks at more points of sale is going to change anything….

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Translation: No amount of op-eds, town halls or ridicule by Obama implying that his unconstitutional scheme to confiscate our guns is a right wing conspiracy theory when in actuality confiscation is exactly what Obama has planned will convince Americans otherwise.

Judge Napolitano on gun control: Obama can’t change the law

Megyn Kelly and Judge Napolitano discussed Obama’s executive actions and gun confiscation after last night’s CNN townhall.