I have been saying for the longest that Black Americans support Donald Trump.

Now to be honest, several months ago when Trump first announced his presidential run, many Black folks were apprehensive and mistrustful of Trump but over time, I can attest personally that the views have changed.

Case in point, Black neighbors, associates and family members who six months ago, called Trump racist because of his anti-immigration stance based on the Progressive propaganda they were being spoon-fed are today seeing Trump in a much different light.

Published on Dec 9, 2015 by ATLAHWorldwide

That and all of the above, of course, would explain the attacks by Progressive operatives on both the left and the right to destroy Trump.

Sick of the lies, the diversions and everything damned thing being about race. In the meantime, there are serious issues that must be dealt with, matters of which are thwarted by the ruling class.