Adina Kutnicki


(Circulating on  in social media: “ and the future of her children” درنة ومستقبل اطفالها# )

KUFFARS, kaffirs, infidels…whatever…are deadly (and pejorative) descriptors used by Muslims towards non-Muslims, aka “non-believers.” Not only that, they are in no way equivalent to this and that derogatory epithet hurled by westerners towards those they find distasteful. One is absolutely deadly in intent, the other is sticks and stones-like. No comparison. Period.

INHERENTLY, westerners are either ignorant of said distinctions or choose to believe that Allah’s Muslim Terrorists can be “dealt” with. Good luck with that! In reality, kuffars etc. have 3 options: Convert, pay jizya, or die. But it is not as if Muslims are hiding the choices from “non-believers.” Far from it.

Separate laws govern Muslims and kuffars in an Islamic state with kuffars being viciously suppressed. For example: the…

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