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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

President Barack Obama thinks he’s a king who can pass laws when he wants, especially when it comes to gun control fiats. He will formally announce the new gun control “rules” at about 11:40 tomorrow morning but the White House released details this evening, click the link below for more details. With all the problems blowing up throughout the world, this is what Obama thinks is important.

So far he has directed his federal agencies Monday to carry out a series of steps including restricting sales by unlicensed dealers — sometimes called the gun show loophole .

Anyone engaged in the business of selling firearms must get a federal firearms dealers license and check the backgrounds of all buyers.

Federal law exempts from the license requirement anyone who sells guns only occasionally, as a hobby or to enhance a collection from. But ATF will put sellers on notice that whether they are engaged in […]

How can this be a good thing for law-abiding citizens? IT IS NOT but it will make a great read and cover several chapters in Barack Obama’s autobiography.

Of course, absent from Obama’s memoirs will be the part about Americans dying by the gun of bad guys including Obama’s jihadists buddies all of whom were enabled by Der Fuhrer Obama’s disarming of America.