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Stranger comes to angry defense of a female passenger 'being bullied by her 'boyfriend' on New York subway

So yet another video surfaces putting the moral decay of urban America, in this instance, the vile treatment and lack of respect for Black women by Black thugs (yeah, I said it) on blast.

A man on a subway train making its way through the East New York section of Brooklyn came to the aid of the female passenger seated beside him who was being berated by a pant sagging thug a few seats away, possibly boyfriend.

The five-minute video, which captures the whole encountered as of Monday afternoon, has received more than 50,000 hits since it was published Sunday.


According to LiveLeak user ‘bklynblke’ who posted the video, the incident took place Saturday on the Fulton Street Line in the East New York section of Brooklyn.

The video opens with an African-American man in a pair of baggy pants hanging halfway down his backside, a tan jacket and a dark-colored beanie hat muttering something unintelligible about ‘Broadway Junction’ and a ‘2015 Benz.’

He ends his tirade by calling a woman, presumably his girlfriend sitting in the middle of the train car, ‘a f***ing h*.’

When the action in the video resumes a few minutes later, a young black man with an island accent, dressed in a black suit jacket, bluejeans and a fedora hat, confronts the angry boyfriend, hurling obscenities at him.

‘That’s all you can do, talk?’ the stranger demands of the boyfriend. ‘I’ll bury your a**, n*****, get the f*** out of here. We run this city!’ […]


“We,” I assume is a reference to the Caribbean community owning the City, which they do (unfortunately) and for which this community will quickly take credit for what it considers positive actions/events.

At the same time, negative events such as Black on Black crime, etc. are blamed on Black Americans (meaning with no roots to the Caribbean) in spite of the generations of children being born in New York with Caribbean lineage.


A video of the five-minute encounter has been published to YouTube (see below) and quite chilling.

I would go so far as to say that the encounter is disturbing even to any who uses the NYC subway system regularly, in particular those who travel through Broadway Junction train station, an extremely dangerous location and equally volatile environment.