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Hilarious? Hardly. Stupid? Suicidal? Indeed.

Written by Ozzie Saffa

Below is a photo of Andrew and Rae Wartnaby. They have 11 children, two foster, two biological, and the rest adopted.

Take a good look at these 2 smiling idiots.

South Africa: White couple takes in refugees.......hilarity ensues
Andrew and Rae are what you would call stupid White Liberals and useful idiots.

In July this year, during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, when South African Blacks attacked other African Blacks, these two useful idiots opened their private 20-hectare Kwa-Zulu Natal farm to 143 fleeing ‘refugees’, displaced by the attacks.

At the time they were called angels. They were ‘devastated’ when the Chatsworth municipality decided to close the remaining camp for displaced nationals, and their hearts ‘sank further’ when they heard that the people were arrested, for illegally occupying the camp, and separated from their children.

So these 2 geniuses decided to intervene:

“The lawyers said if these people have somewhere to go, then they will be able to sort out the charges and get the families reunited. So we said that we have space, we can do it,” he said.

Of course these 2 geniuses were seen as soft-in-the-head White suckers […]

With the continuance of white genocide in Africa, these two dumb arse liberals put their lives and that of their family members in danger to assist those who would slaughter them in the dark*.

Not hilarious but ignorant and suicidal.

*Correction: Those Andrew and Rae bent over backwards to help are of the mindset that they are entitled and would not hesitate for a moment to slaughter this family at high noon if given the opportunity.