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Received via email the following action alert this morning from Progress Rose of NYICE. Note (especially to non-Trump supporters) this is not a call to action on behalf of Donald Trump, it is a call to action to save America.

Where Trump goes, the media follows so if it takes going to where Trump will be at any given time to get our message out to the country about failed immigration policies, the need to seal U. S. borders, crimes committed by illegal aliens against Americans, etc. so be it.


illegal is not a race twitter


The majority of Americans, many of whom are Trump supporters and many of whom are not justifiably share these concerns.

By Progress Rose

The opposition is, once again, going to be in front of Trump Tower, and they have again combined their issues into a messy medley.

Because I have spoken to many on this List, I know a lot of You don’t have a favorable view of Trump and/or it is lessened, but, I will say here what I have said privately to some of You, and that is I am also CONCERNED that he is more interested in branding the U.S. (as in “Trump USA”) than actually saving our Country. The Media pays attention to him because he has been PART of the Media for a long period, I know. And, I also know that our Issue was NOT a central one when he first made his presidential announcement, but he did recognize that it held the (“branding”) opportunity to catapult him to the top.

And, our Issue HAS catapulted him to the top, BUT he has a lot left to prove, and I, who started off as one of his biggest cheerleaders, sadly, am losing faith in him, in his ability to get the things done that he say he will, even though his campaign is predicated on that very ability to “get things done”. He has run around our Country performing for people that are just so flattered that he is in their town, and aren’t critically analyzing him. But, I am NOT taken in by “celebrities”, and know most, if NOT all of them, do NOT know the Ground. It may be less about “making America great again” than “making America Trump’s” for Donald.

IF he had a genuine concern for our Issue, he could do A LOT as “just Trump”, and could have done a lot BEFORE running, and he could get portions of that wall built on private property (with the owners’ permission) if he wanted to. And that’s just one example.

I suspect he uses people to help propel his dream of placing his name on our Country, running this like a game show (not even a “reality” show), and treating our Movement and its people as PROPS that are discarded afterwards. And, most are acting like abuse victims who are just so happy to receive a crumb of attention from Donald.

THAT SAID, NY ICE has existed before Trump’s arrival in our Movement, and will we exist afterwards. If the corrupt Media, of which Trump has been a part of for many years, wants to focus on him, then we can be there to propel our Issue, and that’s what I intend to do. Trump has made speeches about our Movement, but he certainly did NOT invent it. Furthermore, I do NOT hold it against anyone in our Movement if they are a Trump supporter. I was a fervent one myself for a while!

Below are the Details. And, I’ve also attached the adversary’s flier.

WHAT: NY ICE Counter Demonstration
WHEN: December 20th (a SUNDAY) at 2pm
WHERE: 725 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan
BRING: Cameras!!! Signs that are simple and large. I like “Illegal is NOT a race”

Joanna, President
NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement)

Below is the poster by those rallying against Donald Trump on the 20th and referenced by Progress Rose near the end of her email.


OPPOSITION ACTION ALERT - forwarded by NY ICE Other Side Flier for Dec 20

Ugly, isn’t it?
Please share this action alert. If you’re in the area that day, please stop by. Finally, free to check out recent items at NYICE website here.