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Last week, Reverend E. W. Jackson and other Black Pastors held a press conference at the National Press Club announcing an effort to take on that, which plagues Black communities across the United States.

Among the topics was the “crime-stricken cultures in America’s inner cities,” calling out (a) Black Lives Matter for its selective outrage; (b) the 2016 presidential candidates; and (c) the mainstream media’s failure to query presidential candidates about the ills that plague urban America.

The Christian Post by Samuel Smith

Bishop E.W. Jackson from The Called Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, and other black ministers from the organization STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) gathered at the National Press Club to announce the launch of Project Awakening, a private-sector, church-centered, comprehensive plan for the recovery of America’s inner cities that focuses on teaching children they have options and responsibilities in life.

While the pastors detailed how the project aims to build relationships between churches, police, the black community and businesses to create cultural renewal, entrepreneurial awakening, and technical education for inner city children, the ministers did not refrain from chastising the Black Lives Matter movement for propagating a “demonic” message that does not offer a solution but simply puts police officers in harm’s way[…]