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Latest narrative in the Black Lives Matter movement, “fundraising for sick children when other people want to hold a protest is a microaggression” — and yes, another SHINING example of why the Black Lives Matter meme does not hold water.

Liberty Unyielding by J. E. Dyer

Taxpayers should definitely ask for our money back.

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The mindless insanity spreading across American campuses is the opposite of “education,” as education has traditionally been understood.

I guess it is education, in an inverted, gee-this-isn’t-working sort of way. The whole idea of educating the younger generations is to minimize the life lessons they have to learn by making morons of themselves. If humankind has been around the same mulberry bush ten thousand times, why not package the lessons learned and pass them on in an easily digestible format?

Not everyone takes readily to learning without being hit over the head with a two-by-four […]

I agree with the author of the above article, J.E. Dyer, it is time to pull the plug on wasteful funding of Marxist institutions. They are screwing up the brains of far too many. This needs to stop.