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Media outlets in collusion with the Progressive leadership and establishment of both parties are pushing an agenda to:

(a) smear and destroy Donald Trump based on Trump’s call for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on;”

(b) distract Americans from last week’s bloodbath at a Christmas party in San Bernardino in which 14 people were slaughtered and 20 wounded committed by an Islamic jihadist couple; and

(c) guilt-trip Americans concerned about Barack Obama’s plan to confiscate our guns and the global caliphate that is alive and wracking up casualties on American soil into silence.

Talk about out of touch, apparently, votes, backroom deals and political donations from sources with a nefarious agenda takes precedence over the numerous Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred on U.S. soil from 1993 to date, the latest of which, of course, is the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack.

Immediately after Trump made the proposal and before most of the terrorist victims could be laid to rest by their loved ones, the establishment of both political parties, paid lapdogs and the mainstream media unleashed endless vitriolic attacks against Trump refusing to entertain the common sense of the candidate’s proposal.

Schmuck and all around loser, Martin O’Malley: