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ISIS-like nut job Pilgrims

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The leftists at the so-called mainstream news want you to know that Thanksgiving is a time for religious nutters, Bible Thumpers, and Pilgrims who were whack jobs just like ISIS. Thank WaPo for that comparison.


You might say, if you wanted to be critical, they’re religious nutters who won’t settle for anything except the most literal reading of the Bible, they want to transform a nation-state into something that resembles what they take to be a godly kingdom,” British historian Pauline Croft tells us. Religious scholar Susan Hardman Moore puts it in rather moderate, less judgmental terms: “They were transient citizens of the world, and ultimately citizens of heaven. And they were on a journey towards purity, that’s what they sought.”

Despite their theological extremism, oddball reputations and the logistical obstacles to success, the Pilgrims managed to plant themselves in America. It may not be comforting to see even the broad parallels between the Pilgrims and the extremists of the Islamic State (both groups shared a sense that the apocalypse was — in the form of the Thirty Years’ War — or is nigh), but it’s true that some small, determined religious movements do actually change the world […]