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screenshot of video footage of Russian helicopters being destroyed by FSA 
Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden

The news is coming fast and furious out of Syria on Tuesday where, earlier today, Turkey decided to shoot down a Russian Su-24 which Ankara says violated its airspace while conducting operations near the border.

Russia says the fighter jet was in Syrian airspace for the duration of the mission while Turkey insists that the plane crossed the border and was warned several times before being engaged by two F-16s.

For his part, Vladimir Putin has now called Turkey a “backstabber” on the way to accusing Ankara of funding ISIS and derailing the war on terror.

Meanwhile, the FSA which is aligned with al-Nusra and is backed and funded by the US and Turkey released two videos depicting its fighters celebrating over the body of a dead Russian pilot. …

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And the news just gets worse. Act of war.

Translation: DHA Muhabirinin Deputy Commander of the 2nd Coastal Divisions met Turkmen Alpaslan Steel: we shot down two of the pilots back parachute (Note: Damla Doğan, author of the above tweet is a CNN Foreign Editor in Turkey.)
Below is video footage as provided by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Ajansi of the plume of smoke from the downed Russian bomber plane and at 00:16 of the video, you see the parachuters.

In the following video posted by the Free Syrian Army one witnesses Barack Obama’s moderate rebels celebrating over the body of one of the parachuters followed by a second video of what is clearly an act of war, i.e., the parachuters being shot down.


The Telegraph is providing live updates.


Turkey: We believe pilots are alive

Turkey believes the two pilots are still alive and is working to secure their release from Syrian rebels, a Turkish government official told Reuters news agency.

“Our units, who received the information that the two pilots were alive, are working to get them from opposition rebels safely,” the official said.


16:25 So, Nato is having a meeting? Turkey invoked Nato’s article 4 after it shot down a Russian jet, triggering an emergency discussion with the rest …


12:47 Russian helicopter destroyed? In what appears to be a separate incident, another Syrian rebel group – the Free Syrian Army’s First Coastal Division – says it has hit a Russia helicopter on Turkmen Mountain, using a TOW anti-tank missile, writes Louisa Loveluck, Middle East reporter. Pro-regime media outlets appear to have confirmed the report, suggesting that a Russian helicopter has been forced to make an emergency landing in government-controlled Latakia. It was previously reported that Russian helicopters were trying to access the location where the first fighter bomber had crashed. If the strike is confirmed, the TOW missile was most likely supplied through the same US and Turkey-backed logistics programme that has reportedly been supplying Alwiya al-Ashar. The rebels’ usage of these American-made TOW missiles has increased over 800 per cent since Russia began air strikes against them at the end of September, slowing regime offensives across the country by destroying dozens of tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Statement issued by Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister: “Turkey has right to take ‘all kinds of measures‘” (excerpt)

We would like the entire world to know that we will take all necessary measures and make any sacrifices when it comes to the lives and dignity of our citizens and for the security of our borders while our country is in a circle of fire….

Let’s put out the fire in Syria…Our message is clear for the Syrian regime forces, terrorist organizations or other foreign forces that are involved in pouring fire over Bayirbucak Turkmens, Aleppo Arabs or Azaz Arabs, Kurds or Turkmens, instead of putting out the fire in Syria.

While carrying out effective counter-terrorism we are aware that the prerequisite for counter-terrorism is the growing up of young generations within peace and their love for each other…

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Because of the events that have unfolded, Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister today cancelled a planned visit to Turkey and has called on Russians not to visit the country.
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