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How much of a Communist jackass does one have to be to honor Veterans Day with a photograph of Cuban paramilitary soldiers while relishing the freedoms that only living on U. S. soil will get you?

Marc Lamont Hill, CNN Commentator

Marc Lamont Hill, CNN Commentator

Enter CNN Communist Commentator, Marc Lamont Hill who posted today on twitter and on his Instagram account a photo of Cuban soldiers in honor of Veterans Day.

Marc Lamont Hill Instagram page posts picture of Cuban paramilitary soldiers for veterans day


As expected, social media went ballistic. Hill immediately deleted the photo and then posted some lame excuse about using the image when called out on his transgressions.


So what do Communists like Hill do when caught in a most despicable act? Label it a non-story and try to make it go away…..NOT!

Once it makes the internet, it is there forever.

The Blaze

UPDATE: Marc Lamont Hill responded to TheBlaze on Twitter after the publication of this story to further explain the Veterans Day photo, calling it a “non-story.” See his comments below:


Apparently, Hill has chosen to ignore the rampant racism and human rights violations committed against brown skin people like Hill in Cuba.

Suicide is fatal but if he loves Communism and Cuba that much, then Hill should consider relocating to his paradise.

Oh and one more thing about the photograph of Cuban soldiers posted by Hill. According to Reuters via Mediaite, the origin of the photograph: a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs.