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screenshot tyshawn lee gofundme page 002 edited

Karla Lee and Tyshawn Lee, age 9.

Fox News

The mother of a murdered 9-year-old Chicago boy is fighting back against accusations that she used online donations meant for her son’s burial to purchase a new car.

Karla Lee, 26, admitted using the money donated through GoFundMe to buy the car, but said her son would have wanted her to be safe and a car helps, Fox32 reported Saturday.

“Am I afraid for my life? 100 percent I’m afraid for my life,” she told the station.

Following public outrage, Lee said she used her own money that she had saved for months to make the purchase, according to the station….

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Away from the media and caught in her own lie, Tyshawn’s mother is a totally different person. (Warning: Raw language)



If there is a target on this woman’s back, purchasing a vehicle will not save her. Gangbangers shoot people in their vehicles.

World Headline News (YouTube) posted the following video of a man calling out Karla Lee. (Warning: Raw language)


Taking advantage of a good crisis??

What are the odds now that this has become a scandal of this woman’s own making of government officials looking into her GoFundMe campaign?

After all, she claims that she had the money to bury her son since “last Tuesday,” i.e., November 3rd, one day after she launched the GoFundMe campaign only to purchase a vehicle three, four days later. So why again did Tyshawn’s mother start a GoFundMe page?

screenshot pierre stokes

Pierre Stokes, Tyshawn Lee’s father

Pierre Stokes, Tyshawn’s father started another GoFundMe page supposedly seeking donations for funeral expenses but the page was immediately taken down.

In addition, Stokes sold t-shirts for $45 covered with photographs of his son.


Stokes is taking the “no snitching” rule in the hood to a new low by refusing to cooperate with police.


Both parents know who murdered their child and both need to break the damn cycle and speak up.