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Jose Misael Reyes-Reyes, illegal alien MS13 gang banger

Jose Misael Reyes-Reyes, illegal alien MS13 gang banger

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An illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member the Obama administration had released on bond committed an unprovoked attack on a sheriff’s deputy, slugging the deputy as he worked on a traffic report while sitting in his car, the Frederick County, Maryland, sheriff’s department said Friday.

Jose Misael Reyes-Reyes, 18, had been arrested in May on weapons charges and in June on charges of malicious destruction of property, but federal immigration authorities had left him free on bond while he awaited a deportation hearing, the sheriff’s office said.

Given his age, Mr. Reyes-Reyes was potentially part of the recent surge of illegal immigrant children…

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Another Obama supporter set free to wreak havoc on  the streets of America.