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Photo courtesy of: Annette Bernhardt, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photo courtesy of: Annette Bernhardt, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The RNC and the DNC have given their blessing to the radical revolutionary groups @BlackLivesMatter and Campaign Zero to host a presidential town hall focused on racial justice.

The GOP needs to do outreach to the African-American community but do they need to do it with radical revolutionaries who want to overthrow the criminal justice system, Capitalism and traditional America?

Bill O’Reilly said they act like neo-Nazis on his show last night. These groups are funded by radical Socialist George Soros who does want to overthrow our system of government.

These crazy groups want the DNC to add a debate but the DNC turned down that request but both parties said they’d schedule a town hall instead.

The groups hate the police and have put their lives in danger and now the GOP is cowering…

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“We demand….a Black Lives Matter themed presidential debate”

Something is not quite passing the smell test but tell that to the Republican National Committee who like Progressives have bowed down to Black Lives assuming the position as stated by RNC spokesperson Orlando Watson, “We continue to encourage our candidates to speak with all voters when given the opportunity….This presidential candidate forum, like Senator Tim Scott’s town halls, is such an opportunity.”

Now that the RNC has agreed to a debate on BLM’s terms, do not be surprised if the DSA has a sudden change of heart and allows its candidates to debate, the debate of which would likely include candidates from BOTH parties at the same forum.

I predict that this will not end well for the Republican Party, as it is not meant to. BLM will use the same ugly, divisive Alinskyite tactics they employ against everyone who does not fit into their box. In turn, the Democratic Socialists of America will use the opposing candidates own words against them and the GOP in general as if it were ammunition in a firefight.

Imagine all the chaos, hate and derision and since there is not one word that any Republican could say that would ease the minds of these Black extremists, there is only one end game. It is a trap.

GOP trapped by Black Lives Matter


Finally, it would give Black extremists the standing and sense of empowerment (in their own minds, anyway) that they have long sought.