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For starters, the majority of New York City businesses ceased keeping their doors wide open on a hot day while at the same time running their air conditioners YEARS AGO. While some do it to save energy, all do it to cut down on costly utility bills.

At the same time, there are those businesses that have hundreds + customers coming through their doors on a hot summer day and have made the conscious choice to keep their doors open.

Whatever the reason, the choice to keep one’s door(s) open (or not) while running the air conditioner belongs to the store owner not an over-regulating Communist petard looking for yet another pretext to swindle New Yorkers for every little thing no matter how menial from the unimaginable to the just plain ridiculous and from the second they step out of their doors until the second they return.

This latest fleecing (of the day) hails from the Communists at the New York City Council who have already gone after larger New York City businesses, many of whom again do not keep their doors open while running the air conditioner (why are we even having this discussion?).

As with all things Communist, the eco-fascists on the NYC Council have labeled keeping a door or window open with air conditioners running, “the co-mingling of indoor and outdoor air” and, therefore, illegal.

The law which will be enforced by the NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs goes into effect next summer with fines ranging from $250 to $1,000 is an attack on small business owners.

New York Times by Michael M. Grynbaum

Starting next summer, nearly all shops and restaurants in New York City will be required to keep front doors and windows shut while their air-conditioners and cooling systems are running.

The requirement, which became law on Wednesday, is intended to address a ubiquitous, if environmentally unsound, summer sensation: the beckoning blast of chilled air that lures sweaty passers-by into the cooler confines of an enterprising merchant’s store.

“It’s always been a pet peeve of mine,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a City Hall ceremony on Wednesday before signing the bill into law.

“It’s the middle of the summer in New York City, it’s 90 degrees, you walk by a store, and the door is wide open and the air-conditioning is blasting,” the mayor said. “That’s wasting a lot of energy. That’s having its own impact on global warming.”

Shop owners who violate the rules would face fines, ranging from $250 for a first offense to as much as $1,000 for an egregious violation. The measure is an expansion of an earlier law passed by the City Council…

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Counter-type stores and businesses with outside cafes are exempt (so far); and on that note, I ask, what are the odds of Commie Bill regulating New Yorkers from their homes, dispatching drones and/or police helicopters for the purpose of issuing fines to those of us who have air conditioners and might keep a window or door open?

Don’t laugh its right up this bastard’s ally, i.e., one out of a thousand de Blasio’s many scams pet peeves.

P.S.: The owners of the Empire State Building had better watch out. NOT! The Empire State Realty Trust is owned by Democrat fundraisers, Democrat contributors, and a Democrat Senator from Connecticut.”