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Shaun King, Leader of Black Lives Matter movement, Instagram (screenshot)

Shaun King, Leader of Black Lives Matter movement, Instagram (screenshot)

Just when one thinks that the New York Daily News could sink no further, they do just that with the hiring of fake Black guy, Shaun King (above) who is also one of the leaders of the Black Lives Movement.

In a newly created position, King will hold the title senior (social) justice writer at the tabloid.

Below is the memo posted by FishbowlNY from Jim Rich, executive editor of NYDN regarding the new hires at the New York Daily News including fake Black guy.

I am pleased to announce the creation of some exciting new positions, along with a couple of key appointments.

Shaun King, most recently of The Daily Kos, will join us in the newly created role of Senior Justice Writer. Shaun’s writing on social inequality, police brutality and race relations in America has been some of the best work done in the country. His passion and attention to detail on topics that are of critical importance to our readers – both online and in print – make him a perfect fit for the Daily News. He will remain based in Atlanta and begin writing for us full time on Oct. 15….

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New York Daily News building, East 42nd Street, NYC (Image: flickr)

New York Daily News building, East 42nd Street, NYC (Image: flickr)


According to Reuters, the NYDN went up for sale last February but in late August, Mort Zuckerman informed employees that the tabloid paper was no longer for sale.

Excerpt below of Zuckerman’s memo to staff (courtesy of FishbowlNY):

For a variety of reasons, I have decided to withdraw the Daily News from the market and have instructed our financial advisors to inform the suitors.

As I have repeatedly expressed, I have always believed that the Daily News, with its powerful influence in New York City and growing digital operation, is a business with enormous potential.

Moving forward, you all know that the media landscape is challenging and fast-moving. The national and local digital footprint that you have established is extremely impressive and will play an ever-increasing part in our future business development plans….

Zuckerman’s “future business development plans” no doubt led to the hiring of Shaun King and what the New York Times describes as “a Soviet-era purge,” in which veteran staffers will little or no notice and deprived of their dignity were sent packing.

For weeks the staff had known that layoffs might be coming, and when they did come, on Sept. 16, it was with the swiftness of a Soviet-era purge. Newsroom veterans were summoned into an office and told about a digitally driven corporate restructuring.

Those outside the building were told their fates by phone — some while on vacation. One reporter was so left in the dark that when she got to work that day, there was already an intern in her seat.

“It was not the normal thing with a few cuts here and there,” said one employee who was fired and who, like many, spoke on the condition of anonymity because his severance package had not yet been delivered. “This was a total repositioning of the product.”

The NYDN hired the ethically challenged race baiter and Communist propagandist Shaun King for sake of shock value, sales and a front row seat to all of the #BlackLivesMatter drama that will unfold throughout 2016. Oh yes, and the fake black guy’s 187,000 twitter followers, all of which adds up to an increase in revenue for the NYDN.

As far back as fifty years ago (actually longer) Blacks felt that the NYDN was racist.

The NYDN like many other media outlets would darken the skin of suspected Black criminals to make them appear more threatening….long before their trial began.

I was 10 when my mother pointed out a particular instance in which a Black man was sentenced to life in prison and ten years later released.

The NYDN was called out for darkening this man’s features several years earlier, before and during the trial. All of a sudden innocent and the NYDN photographs of the man became noticeably lighter.

Through the years, depending on the circumstance, charges of racism continued to be levied against the tabloid.

Enter 2015 and some Progressive elitist at the rag hires a fake Black guy/social justice fanatic to represent Black voices.

For Shaun King, it’s brainwashing season.

Unfortunately, some will buy it because they do not know social justice and all the “privilege” crap is a lie.




H/t Weasel Zippers.